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Best 15 Get Paid to Answer Questions

Get Paid to Answer QuestionsIn today’s digital era, leveraging knowledge and expertise to earn extra income has become increasingly feasible. One intriguing way to achieve this is by get paid to answer questions online. This article delves into the world of earning potential through providing insightful responses to various inquiries.

Understanding the Concept of “Get Paid to Answer Questions”

The concept revolves around individuals utilizing their proficiency in specific domains to respond to queries posed by others across various online platforms. These platforms compensate users for their valuable contributions, thereby transforming knowledge into a potential income source.

Exploring Top Platforms to Get Paid for Answering Questions

In today’s digital age, numerous platforms offer opportunities for individuals to leverage their expertise and knowledge by answering questions and earning money. Let’s dive into some of the most prominent platforms that facilitate this unique earning opportunity.

1. JustAnswer, an esteemed platform, rewards exceptionally skilled professionals for their responses to various inquiries. These experts span diverse domains, encompassing academia with professors, technical realms with computer experts, insurance sectors with appraisers, and corporate echelons with CEOs.

JustAnswer connects users with experts across diverse fields. By providing detailed and accurate answers to questions, individuals can earn compensation based on the value of their responses.

2. Swagbucks

For those seeking to earn rewards without specialized expertise, Swagbucks stands out as a credible survey site offering an array of opportunities.

Swagbucks allows users to accumulate earnings by participating in surveys and engaging in diverse online tasks. These tasks encompass browsing the internet, watching videos, and playing mobile games, offering a multifaceted approach to earning rewards.

Swagbucks allows users to accumulate earnings by participating in surveys and engaging in diverse online tasks. These tasks encompass browsing the internet, watching videos, and playing mobile games, offering a multifaceted approach to earning rewards.

Swagbucks is a renowned platform that rewards users for various online activities, including answering surveys and questions. Accumulated points can be converted into cash or gift cards.

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars serves as an influential platform collaborating with companies to gather consumer insights, ultimately aiding partner firms in enhancing their product and service offerings.

Through InboxDollars, individuals can earn by engaging in various activities including taking paid surveys, watching videos, television content, and even indulging in shopping experiences.

Similar to Swagbucks, InboxDollars offers rewards for answering surveys, watching videos, and yes, responding to questions. Users earn cash rewards upon completing tasks.


4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie focuses primarily on surveys but also provides opportunities for users to answer questions and receive rewards in the form of cash or gift cards.

Signing up and participating in surveys on Survey Junkie allows users to accumulate virtual points redeemable for PayPal cash or gift cards from prominent companies like Target and Amazon.

Users can start by signing up and engaging in surveys to collect virtual points. These points can be exchanged for PayPal cash or gift cards from well-known retailers such as Target and Amazon.                   

5. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost invites users to share opinions by answering questions in exchange for rewards, which can be redeemed via PayPal, Amazon, or other options.

By dedicating some free time to take surveys on Opinion Outpost, users can earn rewards by providing their opinions and insights on various subjects.

6. Prime Opinion

Prime Opinion offers paid surveys and opportunities to answer questions across various topics, contributing to a user’s earnings.

With a low $5 minimum cashout and a welcoming $5 bonus, XYZ Surveys offers an accessible entry point for those interested in swift surveys covering an array of subjects.

7. HelpOwl

HelpOwl allows experts to assist users by answering questions related to products, troubleshooting, and more, earning compensation for their expertise.

HelpOwl offers various ways to earn points, such as receiving 100 points when your answer gets accepted by the question poster, and a substantial 1,000 points for being the first accepted answer. Additionally, each acceptance by community members grants ten points.

Users can accumulate points through various means, including acceptances by question posters and community members. Moreover, HelpOwl provides avenues for earning points by submitting manuals of different lengths.

While HelpOwl rewards users with points, it’s important to note that the site exclusively offers gift cards for leading merchants like Amazon and Walmart, rather than cash payments.

8. PrestoExperts

PrestoExperts specializes in connecting experts with those seeking advice or information, offering a platform where individuals can monetize their knowledge.


StudyPool caters to academic queries, providing an avenue for tutors or knowledgeable individuals to answer questions and earn money by assisting students.


Weegy operates as an AI-assisted platform where individuals answer questions posed by users, earning based on the quality and relevance of their responses.


Chegg focuses on educational assistance, allowing experts to answer academic questions and providing them with compensation for their contributions.


6ya specializes in tech support, allowing experts to provide solutions to technical problems and earn money for their assistance.

13. BestMark

BestMark primarily focuses on mystery shopping but also provides opportunities for users to answer questions and earn rewards.

14. Knowledge Generation Bureau (KGB)

KGB offers opportunities for individuals to answer questions posed by users, earning compensation for their valuable responses.

15. Fixya

Fixya is a platform where experts provide solutions to technical issues, earning rewards for their helpful answers.

16. Wonder

Wonder offers users the chance to become researchers, answering questions and conducting research for clients while earning money.

17. LivePerson

LivePerson facilitates connections between experts and individuals seeking advice, providing a platform for experts to earn through consultations.

18. Answeree

Answeree is a Q&A platform where individuals answer questions and receive points that can be converted into cash rewards.

19. Maven

Maven connects professionals with knowledge seekers, allowing experts to monetize their expertise by providing answers and advice.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

Quality over quantity is paramount. Building a reputation, managing time effectively, and maintaining consistency in providing high-quality responses significantly impact earnings.

1. Quality over Quantity

Focus on delivering comprehensive and valuable answers rather than solely aiming for volume.

2. Building a Reputation

Consistently offering insightful answers helps in building credibility and attracting more inquiries.

3. Time Management and Consistency

Balancing time effectively and maintaining regularity in answering queries enhances both reputation and earnings.


Is it possible to earn a substantial income by answering questions online?

Yes, it’s possible, but income levels vary based on expertise, effort, and platform choice.

How do I avoid falling into scams or illegitimate platforms offering payment for answers?

Research platforms, verify payment methods, check terms, and contact support for clarity.

What types of questions typically yield higher payouts?

Specialized, technical, and complex inquiries often yield higher payouts.

Are there any specific qualifications required to start earning through answering questions?

Qualifications vary; expertise or experience is often valued over formal qualifications.

Can one pursue this as a full-time source of income?

Yes, but achieving a full-time income may require significant dedication and expertise.

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